Photo of Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood // "I'm waiting for the first lawsuit. I'm waiting, you know, for the lawsuit in which the family of the dead woman sues the state… And I'm also waiting for a lawsuit that says if you force me to have children I cannot afford, you should pay for the whole process. They should pay for my prenatal care. They should pay for my, otherwise, very expensive delivery. You should pay for my health insurance. You should pay for the upkeep of this child after it is born. That's where the concern seems to cut off with these people. Once you take your first breath, it's out the window with you. And, it is really a form of slavery to force women to have children that they cannot afford and then to say that they have to raise them… People have to decide what kind of world they want to live in. Are we in favor of forced childbirth? Because that’s the world that we are going to get if we shut down reproductive rights. Right to life is one way of putting it. Forced childbirth is another way."